Journey of web development (2004 – 2019) A commentary and examples relevant to snapshots of various eras of web development, I've experienced. It's an attempt to curate reasons behind each trend and shift.
A peak at the future of web development (2020 & beyond …) My feeling about future and what excites me.
An ode to the Guy Among many others, Guy Bedford has been biggest inspiration in my tech life. I am doubtful that web community will ever be able to repay the debt. It's my attempt to express my gratitude towards him.
The fusion-stack Rust, Deno, JSPM, Typescript and WebAssembly makes for an orgasmic web solution.
State of CI/CD Github vs Gitlab vs Circle CI vs Jenkins. Throw into the mix Zeit now, Google App Engine, Google Cloud Run and Kubernetes.
Nginx Script (NJS) What is possible with running javascript serverside in Nginx
Getting started with K3S A short guide on K3S
Getting started with Traefik A short guide on Traefik
In search of a better development server